Women's Clinic

June 6th, 2015
Registration Open!

Join us for the Second Annual Football Women’s Clinic. Open to all women over the age of 21 who want to learn more about the great game of football. Hosted by Coach David Shaw, the coaches’ wives and the rest of the football staff. This clinic is a great way to become the expert on all things associated with gridiron. This year we are thrilled to add a 201 portion of the day.  You can register for the 101 or 201 presentation, but don't worry you will still spend the rest of the event with your friends! The day will include a tour of the football facility, meetings with our coaches, presentation by a Pac-12 referee and conclude with dinner/drinks. Capacity is limited to the first 200 registrants. Registration will also include a Women’s Clinic T-shirt, bag, hat, 4 tickets to our home opener vs. UCF and a notebook with football notes, terms and other information. This event filled up quickly last year, be sure to register ahead.

101 Session Includes:
  • Positions
  • Scoring
  • Run The Ball vs. Pass The Ball
  • What Is A Blitz?
  • Why Do We Punt?

202 Session Includes:
  • Spread vs. Pro Set
  • Formations
  • Nickel Defense vs. Base Defense
  • Man vs. Zone Defense

If you have questions about which portion of coaches meetings you should attend (101 vs. 201) or any other questions, please email Callie Seidman at cseidman@stanford.edu

Click Here for 2015 Football Women's Clinic Schedule

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